About Us

Akela Silkman


Akela has a MSEd. in Learning Design and Technology as well as a broad teaching background from primary to secondary grades, and from rural public schools in Alaska to an international private school in the Pacific.


Akela is passionate about  implementing innovative teaching methods for extending communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in the traditional classroom.  

Ella Bredthauer


With 10 years  experience in middle school math, science, ESL and SPED,   Ella is both passionate and pragmatic about the use of educational technology. 


She sees technology as one of the most powerful tools available to motivate and empower students who struggle in traditional classroom settings.


Ella has been a guiding force of of 1:1 laptop and iPad initiatives at multiple districts, both in the elementary and middle school settings.


Our Inspiration

EdTech Infusion is inspired by the mission of providing empowering EdTech professional development for teachers, by teachers.


New technologies demand a rethinking of education and a restructuring of today’s schools.  Today, more than ever, new technologies are unloaded into classrooms with the increasing demand for teachers to “implement technology” with very little training.  A majority of teachers feel they lack the knowledge, skills, and training required to effectively embrace and implement  technology to enhance classroom instruction in meaningful ways.


Twenty first century technologies have an immense capability for infusing traditional elements of  instruction with high-quality and engaging technology-based approaches that increase motivation and provide individualized instruction to reach a broad range of interests and abilities in the classroom.


We are committed to disrupting the professional development institution by engaging and empowering teachers through a customized, practical training approach that supports and promotes effective technology integration to maximize the impact in the classroom. 


We have a diverse background of experience that includes:


  • 10+ years of teaching experience at elementary, middle, and high school, in rural, public, private, international, and urban settings.


  • Extensive expertise in Exceptional Student Services and Inclusion.


  • Development of technology-enhanced K-12 curriculum and teacher professional development programs.


  • Consultation on the expansion of school infrastructure for 21st century learning


  • Collaboration with K-12 staff to infuse technology with traditional classroom practices to enhance the everyday curricula


  • Hosting faculty in-service workshops and small group training workshops to promote technology integration in the classroom.  


  • Development  and presentation of teacher professional development workshops at the local and district level, as well as at the National Title I conference in Nashville, TN.