Change your tech mindset!
Become your own edTech Superhero by participating in our 30 Day Challenge.

By the end of this online, interactive challenge, you will have the confidence and skills to use available technology in your classroom.  Video tutorials and lesson plans will be provided every other day, giving you time in between to implement new learning in your own classroom.

Superhero Challenge Includes:
15 video tutorials
15 tech-infused lesson plans
15 "make it happen in your classroom" challenges for teacher
Daily point system to track challenge progress
Tech badges to celebrate new tech skills you have learned  (Print and post them in your classroom or add to your teacher website!)
Prizes for perfect score and participating in social media mini-challenges
Lifetime Access Pass to online edTech Superhero community

Challenge starts April 4!

April Challenge (Individual)

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  • By the end of this online, interactive course, participants will be able to:  

    • Have fun with classroom technology!
    • Feel comfortable and confident using a tech devices with students multiple times daily for a variety of purposes.
    • Start the shift to a student-centered, interactive classroom.
    • Troubleshoot minor tech issues without freaking out.
    • Project iPad/computer to projection screen in multiple ways.
    • Manage classroom technology in such a way to reduce frustration, wasted time, and student distraction.
    • Effectively utilize 1-2 key apps for the following skills/areas... Productivity/Office, Creativity, Reference, Content (ELA and Math), Assessment, Classroom Learning Management Systems, Collaboration Tools, and Differentiation with Technology.