Change your school's tech mindset and empower your staff become their own edTech Superheroes! 

Flexible dates and topics dependent on the needs of your school or district.

Customized online challenge will be tailored to the specific needs of your teaching staff! Topic ideas include Twitter PD, 1:1 iPads, SmartBoards, 1:1 laptop integration, or creative tech integration into the curriculum. Teachers will end the challenge with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively integrate new technology into their classrooms.

Challenge includes customized video tutorials, customized model lesson plans and projects, team building social media challenges and Access Pass to our online tech superhero community.

Customized Staff Challenge Pricing:  $30 for 1-10 teachers;  $25 for 11-20 teachers*; $20/Teacher for 20+ teachers*.  
*Contact Akela and Ella ( for bulk discount coupon code prior to purchasing.

Customized EdTech Superhero Staff Challenge

  • By the end of this online, interactive challenge, your staff will have the confidence and skills to use available technology in their classrooms.


    Video tutorials and lesson plans will be provided every other day, giving teachers time in between to implement new learning in their classroom.


    Superhero Challenge Includes:

    • 15 video tutorials
    • 15 tech-infused lesson plans
    • 15 "make it happen in your classroom" challenges for teachers
    • Daily point system to track challenge progress
    • Tech badges to celebrate new tech skills you have learned  (Print and post them in the classroom or on teacher websites!)
    • Daily opportunitites for team-building using social media and friendly competition
    • Prizes for perfect score and participating in social media mini-challenges
    • Lifetime Access Pass to our online tech superhero community