#edtechbookstudy Post 1: The Why and the How

“Surround yourself with a loving community.” ~ Susan Harrison

Welcome to #edtechbookstudy and our EdTech Infusion blog. This is the maiden voyage of our teaching passion project, Edtech Infusion. Akela and I are both teachers on sabbatical looking for creative and modern ways to disrupt the institution of traditional (and sometimes ineffective) teacher progessional development. And, we think social media is a key in that process. It's immersive and addictive and most importantly already a daily habit. Wouldn't it be great if we could say the same things about teacher PD?

So, we are starting with a familiar model, the bookstudy, and shaking it up with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The end goal is inspire conversations and connections and the habit of using daily social media to feed your teacher brain and heart.

Speaking of teacher brain and heart, check out the image of Akela and I from Spring 2013. At that moment, we were celebrating our tiny school's recognition at the Title 1 National Conference in Nashville, TN. The moment was powerful on many levels, but what I remember most was the sense of connectedness to other passionate educators around us. It was electric and left us both feeling like anything and everything was possible when we returned home to our own classrooms. Because we had each other to lean on... That feeling, that sense of connectedness and support, is what we hope to recreate using social media. In our experiences, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be as electric as any conference session with the added perk of being able to stay in your PJ's!

Akela and Ella getting inspired by EdTech way back in 2013!

Inspired? Ready feel an electric connection with other passionate educators via social media? OK. Read on...

How to join our #edtechbookstudy in 5 easy steps:

  1. Follow EdTech Infusion and #edtechbookstudy on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

  2. Buy the book What Connected Educators Do Differently. (We recommend purchasing Kindle book via Amazon, cheaper and delivered immediately. )

  3. Read designated section of book to keep up with group.

  4. Follow the feed on Twitter and/or Facebook and respond to the daily challenge or question.

  5. Get edtech infused!

  1. We will kick things off on January 1, 2016.

  2. Book study will be fast and furious, but that’s when the magic happens. Immerse yourself in the material and make Twitter PD your morning ritual! And, know that there is a finish line in sight!

  3. Each day a discussion question or challenge will be posted by #edtechbookstudy moderators Akela Silkman and Ella Bredthauer. Your job is to respond to the question and/or complete the challenge and post your thoughts, adventures, etc. on social media that same day. Momentum, baby!

  4. Need inspiration? Check our Instagram feed for quick a quick smile, invigorating quote, etc...

  5. We are going big with a Chapter a day, but we have faith that you can get it done. Jump in and get connected!

  6. Have questions along the way? Ask in any media you feel comfortable. Message us on Facebook, email, tag us in Instagram (@edtechindusion) or Twitter.

Question/Challenge for Day 1:

Respond to the question, "Why do we become connected educators?" via social media. End your post with the #edtechbookstudy to connect with the rest of the group.


Be creative... pic on instagram, quote on Twitter, post on Facebook. Use the media that is most inspiring and easiest for you.

Day 1 is all about connecting!

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” ~ Anais Nin

#edtechbookstudy #connectededucators #whatconnectededucatorsdodifferently

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