#edtechbookstudy Post 2: Making Twitter a Daily Habit

The best minute I spend is the minute I invest in other people -Kenneth Blanchard

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While “getting connected” both professionally and personally can be life-changing for educators, it can also be overwhelming to jump into new, web-based technologies let alone keep up with the steady stream of information from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Skype, etc...

Today's guiding question focuses on that struggle...

How can we make time in our busy lives and hectic schedules to invest in our P2LN?

From our experiences, keeping it simple and short and making it habit/routine are keys to success.

Simple-- focus on one social media stream at a time. During this book study our focus will be Twitter.

Short-- keep things short and to the point. This is one of the beautiful things about Twitter... it demands you be concise. Posts are limited to 140 characters

Habit-- designate a set 5 minutes a day to cruise Twitter for PD purposes. Make it a daily habit to tweet an personal thought and/or resource, comment on another person's post, retweet something you find interesting, and find a few new people to follow.

Routine-- Plan your Twitter PD for the same time each day. My Twitter time is part of my morning coffee ritual in the early morning, and I generally use the Twitter app on my iPhone. Akela tweets in the evening, once the house is quiet, with a cup of after-dinner tea. She prefers her laptop.

Today’s challenge:

Twitter Login Page for Mobile Device

Join Twitter and commit to making Twitter PD time a habitual part of your daily routine!

Mini step 1: Create twitter account if you don’t already have one. See link in Twitter Resources below for help.

Mini step 2: Decide on a good time/routine in your day in which Twitter can be a habit

Mini step 3: Share your time/routine with the group on Twitter, hashtag the post #edtechbookstudy #whatconnectededucatorsdodifferently. Not sure about how to use a hastag, check out the resource links below.

Need some help getting started with Twitter? Check out these global Twitter resource links below. (We'll let you in on a secret... all of these resources come from educators we follow on Twitter!)

If you don't already have a Twitter account, check out 10 Steps to Creating the Perfect Educational Twitter Account by New Zealand educator and blogger Craig Kemp.

To understand the what and how the Twitter stream and the # sign (otherwise known as hashtag), watch the YouTube videos Twitter in 60 Seconds and Hashtag in 60 Seconds both by James Gates.

For a quick synopsis on how Twitter can do crazy, cool, transformative things for your PLN, watch Derek Rhodenizer's YouYube video "Why Teacher's Should Use Twitter

#edtechbookstudy #whatconnectededucatorsdodifferently #connectededucators #Twittter #PLN

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