#edtechbookstudy Post 3: Get Jacked on Twitter

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J. Wheatley

Happy Friday and thanks for joining us as we continue our adventures with Twitter and What Connected Educators Do Differently.

As part of my morning cofffee and Twitter habit, I stumbled across a Edudemic blog post on The 10 Skills Modern Teachers Must Have. (Thanks to UOIT EduGrad Studies@uoitmed for tweeting the link.) The first skill they listed was engaging in professional communities; the second skill was understanding how to use technology.

Why these as the top 2? Getting connected allows you to expand your circle of professional colleagues beyond those in your immediate building. According to Whitaker, Casas and Zoul, when we join a group of passionate individuals that share our common goals and interests, it “jacks you up”!

Who's in your P2LN that gets you "jacked" when you read his/her post? What defines a post that makes you pumped and ready to run back into your classroom to make magic happen? Digital learning guru Tom Murray (who we totally recommend you follow @thomascmurray ) recently blogged on eSchoolNews about What Makes a Great Education Tweet. In his words, great tweets:

  • Encourage conversation;

  • Highlight dynamic resource;

  • Utilize relevant hashtags to connect with specific groups;

  • Bring relevant info to your fingertips;

  • Are encouraging and inspirational (and push one’s thinking);

  • Create awareness.

Curious about what a real, "great tweet" looks like? Check out his article here. Tom gives screenshots from his own Twitter feed to illustrate each quality. As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words... or in this case, 140 characters ;)

Your Challenge

So, now you know what defines a great tweet. But, you say, how do I find the people to follow that produce great tweets on a regular basis? Solving this problem is the heart of today's post and challenge.

Guiding Question:

How do you build your P2LN on Twitter with Quality Posts and Quality Following?


Step 1:

Follow 5 educators that speak to your professional interests.

Step 2:

Send out 4 Tweets... Tweet one original idea, a question, share a resource, and Tweet something that speaks to who you are personally.

Step 3:

Participate in #followfriday.

Need help with the steps? Check out the resources below.

Resources for today's challenge:​​

Step 1 Resources:

​​What does "following" someone on Twitter mean?

To follow someone on Twitter means you are subscribing to their tweets or updates on the site. Once you follow someone, their tweets will show up on your Twitter feed as soon as they post. You can reply to their tweet or retweet it to your followers you so they can see the info too.

How do you follow someone on Twitter?

Click the picture below to watch EdTech Infusion's Twitter Basics video "3 Ways to Follow People on Twitter."

How do you find quality people and tweets?

Get started with the following quicks lists of edtech peeps to follow. Once you are following some people, you will start to see their retweets and shares. This will introduce you to more people.

​​Here's our short list of quality people to follow on Twitter.

We also refer to this list as EdTech Infusion's Quality-Controlled Starter List of Ed(Tech)ucation Visionaries Who are Innovative, Inspirational & Fun (a.k.a people who will get help you get Twitter jacked).

Hint: For an easy way to follow the peeps below, go to EdTech Infusion's Twitter page and click the "Following" tab at the top of the page. This will show you all the people we follow; you just click the "follow" button and then you are following them too!

Authors of

What Connected Educators Do Differently

@casas_jimmy Jimmy Casas

@Jeff_Zoul Jeff Zoul

@ToddWhitaker Todd Whitaker


Thomas Murray, Digital learning guru and visionary admin


Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow and Thought Leader on Digital Leadership – ICLE


Kathy Schrock, Educational technologist and speaker


Amy Mayer, Founder of FriEdTechnology and self-professed Techno Ranger


George Couros, Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning


Vicki Davis, Teacher, edtech blogger, author and co-creator of the Flat Classrom Project


Richard Byrne, Teachers and Free Tech for Teachers blogger


Steven W. Anderson; #EdChat Co-Creator, Twitterer of the Year

@mrkempnz Kiwi tech and innovation educator living in Singapore

@ShellTerell Shellly Sanchez, teacher trainer, eLearning specialist, and edtech author

For a longer list and subject and grade level specific resources, check out our EdtechInfusion's Infographic “Get Jacked List” of Quality Educators on Twitter.

Step 2 Resources:

How do you send out a tweet?

Click the picture below to watch EdTech Infusion's Twitter Basics video, "How to Tweet, Retweet and Share."

Step 3 Resources:

What is #followfriday?

Confused? Malaysian social media entrepeneur Aaron Lee @AskAaronLee paints this picture:

"Imagine you’re in a PARTY. There are tons of people in that party, most of them you don’t know. Maybe me you know me, then I’ll shake your hand and recommend you to my other friends (followers) in that party (twitter). I’ll tell them “Hey meet Mike, he’s a great guy! he owns three successful business” Then my friends (followers) will get interested in knowing you and you’ll be friends (they follow you on twitter)."

How do I particpate in #followfriday?

Read Aaron Lee's full article for the do's and don'ts of #followfriday. Be brave and go for it.

How to: Do a Proper Follow Friday on Twitter

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