Get Your Innovator's Mindset On!

Creativity. Innovation. Problem Based Learning. Design Thinking. Coding. Robotics.

These buzzwords have become increasingly prevalent in the education world in recent years.

Schools across the nation are rapidly implementing makerspaces, the Hour of Code, robotics, and 1:1 device programs to engage learners in “21st Century Learning”.

The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros and the accompanying MOOC (massive open online course), Innovator’s Mindset MOOC (#IIMOOC) reminds us to pause, to reflect, and ponder.

Are we doing the things we do because it is beneficial for preparing our students for today’s world or do our classroom practices reflect the way it’s always been done?

What is truly relevant for preparing our learners for the world today?

Do our classroom practices, including the use of technology, inspire our student’s creativity and drive innovative thinking? How or why is “creativity and innovation” important?

These are questions we must continuously ask ourselves.

Join the conversation!

Respond with your thoughts in the comments below! #IMMOOC is already underway but it’s not too late to join! Connect with other educators that are pondering these questions to empower learning and unleash a culture of creativity and innovation in their classrooms and schools by joining the Innovator’s Mindset MOOC.

Buy the book, join the mailing list, and stay tuned for live streams with innovative educational leaders, blog link ups, interactive discussions and Q&A with the author!

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